Peter A. Smerick, M.Ed.

Former FBI (24 years) Supervisory Special Agent. Former Special Agent for the United States Naval Investigative Service and United States Army Combat Photography Officer in Vietnam. FBI Laboratory Examiner of questioned documents and photographic evidence. FBI Academy Faculty Member and Instructor in forensic science, crime scene and surveillance photography, questioned document examination and crime scene management techniques. Criminal profiler and violent crime analyst assigned to the FBI's National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC). Developed profiles of violent offenders and analyzed violent crimes. Has consulted and lectured internationally regarding homicides, equivocal deaths, rapes, child abductions, kidnappings, extortions, stalking, and product tampering cases. Responsible for the NCAVC's Threat Assessment Program featuring the analysis of anonymous or threatening communications, identification and neutralization of stalkers, analysis of potential workplace violence situations and designing defusion strategies. Conducts questioned document examinations, including identification of the authors of computer-generated or typewritten documents. Testified before both Houses of Congress regarding the David Koresh Branch Davidians standoff in Waco, Texas.