Michael R. Napier, B.S.E.

Former FBI (27 years) Supervisory Special Agent, field office program manager and violent crime assessor in the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime. Investigated complex bribery, price-fixing, organized crime, violent crime, labor racketeering, Medicare and medical fraud, and white collar crime cases. Supervised undercover operations. FBI-qualified Polygraph Examiner, who has extensively studied interview and interrogation strategies and tactics and the methodology to deny successful challenges to confessions. Specialist in crime scene and communicated threat analysis. He specializes in applying behavioral analysis to violent crimes to assess the potential for preventing violence or deterring specific criminals in individual settings. Those techniques include determining foresee-ability of an individual committing a violent act. He is a nationally-recognized presenter on various topics concerning violent crime assessment, violent offender motivation, interview and interrogation strategies and crisis management subjects. He holds Adjunct Faculty positions at the University of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University and Wichita State University.


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